1 February 2019

Debt Collection

Collecting Debts

Debt collection is the measures taken to recover money owed by late payers after your company internal procedures have failed to get the debt paid.

These are the measures taken before taking legal action to collect the money owed.

How can Bailiffs, Enforcement Agents help?

Bailiffs, Enforcement Agents can assist at a number of stages in the process.

  • Contacting the debtor by letter, email, telephone.
  • Visiting the debtor.
  • Delivering a Letter before Action.

Making contact

The debt collector will attempt to establish contact with the debtor, by letter, email, telephone:

  • To inform them that the debt has been assigned to debt collection.
  • Confirm the amount outstanding.
  • Seek payment.

In many cases this is sufficient to achieve payment of the debt.

Door-step visit

Should the debtor fail to pay following contact the next step is for the debt collector to visit the debtor to seek payment.

In some cases this step achieves payment of the debt.

Letter before Action

The final step before considering legal action is for the debt collector to send a letter giving notice of possible legal action.

In some cases this final step before legal action achieves payment of the debt.

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