1 Jun 2020

Traveller / Trespasser Eviction

The Problem

Travellers, Gypsies have pitched on your land. Cars, vans, lorries, caravans, animals, children ...

Followed by rubbish, mess, damage to the land and property, disturbance to you and the neighbours. And you have the cost of clearing the site after they have left and repair any damage.

This can be stressful. And their presence can be intimidating.

You could go to court to obtain an eviction order under Part 55 Civil Procedure Rules. This involves legal costs and takes time.

Is there a quicker way? Is there a better way?

The Law

Under Common Law a landowner has the legal right to evict trespassers from their land. There is no requirement for a court order.

Notice to leave is given by serving written notice on an adult on the site, or fixed in visible and prominent positions around the site if there is no adult present.

The notice period is normally a maximum of 24 hours. It specifies a time the next day to have vacated the site.

If the travellers do not leave then reasonable force may be used to remove them, their vehicles and personal items.

The landowner may delegate this process to an agent such as a bailiff / certificated enforcement agent.

The Solution

The Common Law process to evict trespassers has significant advantages:

  • Speed the eviction can take place.
  • Reduced risk of further travellers arriving.
  • Reduced damage to land and lower cost to repair.
  • Reduced mess on site and lower cost to clean.
  • No cost to go to court.

Using a professional bailiff / certificated enforcement agent has significant advantages:

  • Experienced at preparing notice to leave.
  • Experienced at serving the notice to leave.
  • Will have both Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance in case things go wrong or you will be responsible.
  • Authorised by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Will conduct a Health & Safety risk assessment as required under the Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Trained in eviction process and appropriately equipped with stab vest, body worn video, shield, ...
  • Experienced at undertaking site eviction - supplying manpower, organising removal trucks, liaise with Police, managing site clearance and security.

Contact a local
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