1 February 2019

Statutory Demand

Issue a Statutory Demand

When debt collection actions have failed to collect the debt what further steps can you take?

You can issue a Statutory Demand.

How can Bailiffs, Enforcement Agents help?

Bailiffs, Enforcement Agents can assist at a number of stages in the process.

  • Trace a debtor who has absconded.
  • Prepare a pre-sue report to establish whether the debtor has sufficient funds to pay.
  • Prepare and serve the statutory demand on the debtor providing proof of service.

Using a Statutory Demand

Most statutory demands are issued following the issue of a county court judgement. The CCJ means the debt has been proven in a court of law, and the creditors are entitled to their money.

Once a statutory demand has been issued and served, you can follow it up 21 days later with a bankruptcy petition (if you serve it on an individual) or winding up petition (if you serve it on a company).

A statutory demand can be very powerful in persuading companies and individuals to pay their debts.

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